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VIP Security

Executive Protection can be a major element in an overall security plan. The threats posed can extend to the VIP’s business interests, family members, employees, and in the case of celebrities, their fans. Our VIP security professionals provide effective personal protective services that ensure not only the personal security, but also the privacy of our clients. Whether you are a visiting VIP or a resident of the Pacific Northwest, WE provide the highest level of personal protective services you could need, wherever and whenever you need them. If you or your company has experienced threats or have concerns about being targeted, call us for details and we will be happy to meet with you for consultation and discuss your security needs and concerns

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Patrol Servies

Our Patrol Division is made up of our seasoned and decorated officers. Each going through proper training of client’s operational procedures as well as an extensive review of their driving history. We want to provide you with a competent individual who...

Fence and Barbed Wire

Security Services

We provide on-site Armed and Unarmed Security Professionals to patrol your company's site or location while you are not, or cannot be present. We offer on site Posted Security Officers at businesses, construction sites, homes...

Building On fire

Fire Watch Services

Sentinel Officer’s are trained to handle any emergency situation requiring immediate dispatch of local departments and/or emergency services. Our constant on the road patrol Officers ensure a watchful eye for potential hazards...

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And Much More...

Sentinel Security offers a range of services such as Armed Car Services Kidnapping and Extraction, Posted Security, Security System Installs, Vehicle Partol and Vip Security. 


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